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Ala yoga schedule

"...I loved the way she began each class with a dharma talk. I felt centered before I even began my practice. She provided guidance through hands-on assists which I really needed to become a yogi. She provided different poses for different levels and she played a great mix of music. I felt wonderful when I left her class both physically and mentally."

- DM, 2018


Kama'aina $15

Visitors $18

Friday Community Flow $10

Saturday Flow and Glow $7

Ohana Unlimited $389/Mo 

(Up to 4 people per card)

Personalized attention, expert instruction

Has your doctor recommended yoga, but you aren't sure where or how to begin?

Have you taken a class that felt too fast or competitive, and you want to try yoga again? Do you practice regularly, and want to learn how to perform Chaturanga and vinyasa with ease? If you answered yes, Ala Yoga is the right studio for you! 

November Events

Kaulana Mahina:

Learning the Hawaiian Lunar Calendar

with Kamealoha Hanohano Smith

Weds, November 14


$10 Minumum Donation

register: https://bit.ly/2q0eljt

$10 Classes November 12-16 2018

with your Fitness Week Punchcard

No reservations necessary

Please see instructions and other participating studios and pricing here:

  Fit On Rice ​

Sponsored by Get Fit Kaua'i

Lihue, HI community fitness event

Class Descriptions:

Back Care

For people with acute or chronic back pain, this class will wake up new muscles and help the overworked one to relax. As well, you'll understand the foundations of optimal posture, and simple strategies for relief of back pain.

slow flow Level 1/2

By moving slowly, we focus and expand our awareness. You will feel the actions of each pose, recruit small muscles, and embrace sensation, while transitioning between each pose with your breath. All levels benefit from slowing down to feel fully! 

Skillful flow Yoga (SFY) all Levels 

Everyone welcome, this class is designed to deepen your practice through the teaching of alignment principles and actions in each pose. We build balanced strength and flexibility with precision verbal adjustments, and help each learner grow his or her self-awareness. Props, personalized modifications and attention given to each student (teacher does not practice with her students). A true learner's environment.

YIN/YANG FLOW level 1/2

In the yin/yang approach, pranayama and moving slowly lead into a dynamic flow that develops physical and mental strength and agility. Expect Yin poses and traditional vinyasa poses as part of your practice, and some level 2 poses.

$10 Community Flow 

Strength and stamina-building vinyasa (linked by breath) practice, in which we flow from one pose to the next with Ujaii breath, in a warm (+/- 90 degrees Celsius) studio.  Faster-paced, not for brand-newbies to yoga!

$7 Flow and Glow

Fun, light and all-levels flow for the feel good weekend reset.

beginner's flow 

Use Ujaii breath to transition between poses at a slow pace. You will learn placement and form to build your skills for years of wellness as a student of yoga. 


Passive (very little muscular engagement) poses are held for extended time with props to support the extension/ opening of the muscles and fascia. This practice aids in parasympathetic nervous system stimulation, helping you to rest and digest and relax deeply.

gentle yoga

Simple, easy-to-follow instructions and a slower-paced approach to low-impact poses, with some restorative poses. Designed to help you experience relaxation and serve as an introduction to yoga asana practice.

Surf Yoga

designed specifically for surfers needs, although everyone is welcome and will benefit! Special emphasis placed on stretching the hip flexors and all those paddling muscles, strengthening the core and upper body, lunges and of course, balancing!


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